Missing You Already



 So much has happened in such a short time
 Dancing and conversing that first night made me feel so happy
 For days and nights after, I reminisced of our innocent meeting
 And I knew before it was all said and done, I was missing you already


I was uncertain that you would call, but I waited patiently
The words you spoke over the phone, filed me with despair and pain
A tear I shed for my disappointment and sadness
But your apology and anguish decided for me to see you again


 Sir, a gentleman you are, and without doubt, a lady am I.
 However, for all our etiquette, the electricity flowed
 With reassuring words and compliments, many of lifeís obstacles faded
 And our desires and aspirations of passion showed


  Somewhat confident for an exciting dancing night
  We went like a young carefree couple out on the town together
  Do you know that if there werenít any boundaries in our lives
  Iíd want to dance and make love to you forever?


  From the night out, to the night alone, just you and I
  Quietness surrounded us as we lay in a loverís embrace
  My lips kissing you gently, your masculine body sheltering me
  Both perhaps trying not to whisper foolish words in haste


 The realization of conclusion dawned, It was time to let go
 We had listened and learned lot from each other in such a short time
 Maybe the infatuation will last in our hearts for many more encounters
 Of the shameless night, even though you can never be mine.


Oh kind and gentle man, I wish you all the joy and happiness
And once again Iíll wait  patiently for you to call
And know in my lonely heart, that Iím missing you already


  by Malachite 1993