Born on the first, she said with a *grin*
Just missed Halloween, though the margin's quite thin
A monkey, a dragon say the stars in the sky,
(I see a joke about tail, but I won't even try)

A stimulated monkey I think she did say,
Who needs some pizazz to get through the day,
And a dragon is she with the long slinky bod,
With no undies in sight though her feet do stay shod

I want to hear more about the pair we could be
About the stimulated monkey that you'll make out of me
But you only informed about us as a pair,
What about the dear dragon alone in her lair

The glistening scales of malachite hue,
A mouthful of teeth to nibble with too,
And what of the fire, burning inside,
Will the monkey get scorched, singed smoky hide

I would like to hear what the Chinese do say
About the hopes for the future of ones born on our days
Though I know it is years that they mark by instead
It just didn't rhyme and this line won't rhyme either so there.

So let me know what you find in the stars,
What a monkey and dragon's possibilities are,
I could find out myself but that seems like such work
And you seem to already know where the answers lurk

By Mr. Garrett J. Schwartz 2001