So now it is,

The daylight has greeted me

My heart recalled

It is morning

My hopes and dreams

Nights, endless in love

Our embrace of truth

But now it is morning.

My happiness at your sight

Your touch received

And reciprocated,

Yet now it is morning

Fear of the darkness

I slept by your side

And you next to me

Then came the morning.

Time shared

Smiles of pleasure

Were exchanged,

Now it is morning.

Memories I revisit

Until the next time

Relished beyond words,

Here is the morning.

Dreams of dance

Bodies as one

A stolen kiss

Before the morning.

My heart spoke

You chose not to listen

Hurriedly you left

In the morning.

Cold light of day

Everything remembered

Regrets you have

Come with the morning.

I, however cherish

The dreams won't fade

They will carry me through

The chill of the morning.

The warm sun rises high

As with my spirits

That we'll meet again

Only to part in the morning.

Now you've run

And abandoned this love

So, in remorse

I am in mourning.

Written by

Malachite 2000