Never To Be.

By Don H. Lemme.


Some things in life, are never to be

You as a wife, but just not for me.

Perfect in every possible way

Words hidden inside, but now I must say.


For a time we were enemies, just couldn't agree

We tore down that wall, you mean the world to me.

The sound of your voice, the look in your eye

The way my heart broke, when I saw you cry.


To just see you smile, to know you are there

The touch of your hand, I can't help but stare.

To hold you so close, our hearts beat as one

I dream of it often, the chances are none.


My feelings are out, there's no turning back

I can no longer hold it, my hearts under attack.

Best friends is all, there can be for me

Holding your hand, it's never to be.