Paul, you know I love you
But love is not enough
I want to help you grow and learn
I know that life is tough
Growing up and older
Is something you can't stop
But with a little wisdom
You can reach the top
Your mother beat the odds you see
The odds are never fair
So if you ever doubt her love
I'll tell you how she cared
She started out all by herself
Although alone and scared
No one knew of you back then
You mother really cared
She kept you to herself you see
A secret no one knew
She cried herself to sleep at night
Not knowing what to do
She picked to keep her baby
A beautiful young boy
Everyone was proud of her
You know you brought us joy
Now your mother raises you
And Paul you have the best
Please don't forget your mother
When you fly and leave the nest.

By Shatterghost