Dance Hall and Rodeos - by Mr. Country "By God" Jones 1990


Heart Soft As Gold - by Mr. Kim Carpenter 1992


Goodbye - by Mr. Mike Moore 1992


I Met The Witch - by Anon 1993


Missing You Already - by Malachite 1993 


Little Girl - by Malachite 1993


In Shining Armour - by Malachite 1999


Friends - By Anon 2000


Queen of Santa Fe - by Mr. Dylan Harris 2000


Above - by Malachite 2000


Mourning - By Malachite


Soul Mates - Richard Rodriguez 2000


Storm - by Malachite 2000


Abrazo - by Malachite 2001


Brilliant Green Glow - By Mr. Garrett J. Schwartz 2001


Monkey - By Mr. Garrett J. Schwartz 2001


Dreaming Of The Witch - By Mr. Garrett J. Schwartz 2001


A Prayer - By Alice Ruth Henry 2002

Dark Eyed Mystery - By Alice Ruth Henry 2004


Love Without Language - By Linda Denton


Tread Softly - By Linda Denton


Welcome Back; Love - By Linda Denton


His Majestic Playground - By Linda Denton


Body Language - By Linda Denton


Who Am I? - By Lady Dea Miller


Sweet Kiss - By Don H. Lemme


This Feeling - By Don H. Lemme


A Joy In My Life - By Don H. Lemme


Thank You - By Don H. Lemme


Do You Trust Me? - By Don H. Lemme


This Feeling - By Don H. Lemme


Days Gone By - By Don H. Lemme


Dear Mommy - By Don H. Lemme


Dream - By Don H. Lemme


My Dreams - By Don H. Lemme


Never To Be - By Don H. Lemme


What If - By Don H. Lemme


Heart Headed Nowhere - By Don H. Lemme


'Neath The Willow - By Chivalry


Gentle Knight - By Chivalry


Lessons - By Chivalry


And Then There Was One - By Chivalry


A Dedication - By Chivalry


Peace, Love and Comfort. - By Chivalry


Belamour - By Chivalry


Blandishments - By Chivalry


Take It Away - By ShatterGhost


A Dream Come True - by ShatterGhost


To Cry A Tear - By ShatterGhost


Kiss Her Good-bye - By ShatterGhost


Love Cage - by ShatterGhost


Reality of Fantasy - by ShatterGhost


Tell Me - By ShatterGhost


Don't Doubt My Love - By ShatterGhost


Maybe - By ShatterGhost


A Man's Apology - By ShatterGhost


A Crime of Passion - By ShatterGhost


Paul - By ShatterGhost




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