The rules for summer, was sunshine

The sky a warm shade of blue

To feel the radiant sun in their hearts

Excitement shared between the two


No clouds on this horizon

At least none that one could see

But off in the distance there was a change a coming

How could they know, their potential jeopardy


Basking in each others happiness

Gleams in their eyes of devotion

Thoughts and dreams did they aspire

The journey of love put into motion


Truth spoken with honesty

All thoughts of acceptance believed

How was she to know, there was a change in the weather

She prayed in her heart that they would succeed


Naked they had laid

Trust would prevail

Hearts on the line

No thoughts of betrayal


The imperishable sun with all its heat

All at once without warning

Vanished as the iciness descended

The Winter storm cried its song of mourning


Swept away, their hearts and hands broke loose

As they were thrust without mercy over crashing waves

Screams for help were lost in the desolate night

Spells were cast in the hope that they might be saved


If only they could find one another again

To renew their strength and bond

But the storm had only drawn its breath and paused

Foolishly they’d thought it had gone


If this was love, they would unite

Fervently promising to hold on to each other tight

But the storm was only drawing its strength

It wouldn’t allow these two lovers to make it through another night


Promises and words faded, their pact unfurled

Separated again in the lost cause

This love not strong enough to endure

The Winter storm perished their love for evermore


Oh it was a beautiful summer’s day

As they loved one another

But it only took a few drops of rain.....

to separate them forever

by Malachite 2000