Take It Away

I've cleared a place for you to sit
Next to my broken heart
Don't be afraid to brush aside
Those dreams that fell apart
I ask you just to take a seat
Take a seat and talk
Don't take our love for granted
Before you take a walk
Come sit, it's getting late dear
I feel the end is near
The time for love is over
It's now the time to fear
I'm perched out on the very edge
I dare the wind to blow
I would like to talk with you
Before you have to go
Take some time to chat with me
No longer can it wait
Please drop what you are doing
Don't leave this up to fate
Your fate is not my destiny
It kills my will to dream
You've used me as a in between
It makes me want to scream
I hope one day your ends will meet
By then I hope you've grown
I'd hate to see you by yourself
It hurts to be alone
You know it's kind of funny
I asked you here to talk
And all I've done was babble
You're free, this time, I'll walk.

By ShatterGhost.