Tell Me

Tell me what is going wrong
And I will make it right
Tell me how to work it out
And we'll avoid a fight
Tell me what you really need
For that you'll need no more
Tell me what you really want
I'll open up that door
Tell me why you cry at night
My love will dry your tears
Tell me why your scared of me
And I'll remove those fears
Tell me where it hurts inside
I'll take away the pain
Tell me how to help you up
And us me as a cane
Tell me when you lose all hope
I'll give you some of mine
Tell me if you need to leave
No regrets and no stop signs
Tell me all about your past
Some bridges we will burn
Tell me what the future holds
Together we shall learn
Tell me I shall listen dear
And we'll never fall apart
Tell me if you'll open up
Your eyes, Your ears, Your heart.

By ShatterGhost