To Cry A Tear

I cry a tear for loneliness
I cry a tear for joy
I cry myself to sleep at night
I am a lonely boy

You cry alone in darkness
You cry for it to end
You cry out loud for happiness
You wish you had a friend

I see you crying in the night
I see you cry for hope
I see you cry for suicide
I watch you tie the rope

I know you're feeling lonely
It's lonely in the night
I want to hold you close to me
And help you see the light

I think I've finally realized
Life isn't all that tough
Let's dry our tears together
Come on, it's not that rough

I run and try to stop you
But I notice that I'm late
You're swinging in the midnight breeze
I guess you couldn't wait

I try to bring you back to life
There's nothing I can do
I run back to my corner
And cry a tear for you.

By ShatterGhost.