Welcome back;  Love


                 Our eyes met, we just stood there
                  unaware of time and space;
                  One touch from you; nothing had changed
                  since I last looked upon your face.
                  The feelings seemed to rush back
                  Just as strong as they were before;
                  before we ever parted, love and trust
                  walking out the door.
                  It must be pride or something,
                  that makes us do the things we do;
                  but that is gone, and I'd give my soul
                  for just one more touch from you.
                  Let us make a new beginning.
                  Let's decide right now from the start;
                  to take each day to say "I love you"..
                  "from the bottom of my heart"


                  Linda Jeanene Denton Copyright 4 Linda Jeanene Denton