The whisper on the afternoon breeze, spoke of passion. For tonight the lovers would be out claiming their love in the name of Valentine’s Day. And mortal attention was something Malachite wanted more of. She had been introduced to the erotic side of life. And she wanted more of this delicacy!

Having learned a few more spells since her last visit to the neighbouring town, she felt confident that she could beguile the same man she had encountered before. She wouldn’t have to sneak in among the mortal girls with the darkness of her cloak. This time she would be more audacious, and allow herself to be seen by all, so that he might easily find her upon her arrival.

She summoned her commodious broomstick to her side. And with a few strokes of her calloused hand along its shaft, she directed it to an angle that would allow her to mount in a dignified manner befitting that of a mortal lady. Poised, she sat side saddle across its charged and darkened branch.