His concupiscent smile captivated her, yet, she knew it was she that was supposed to be captivating him!!!   She wagered, conceivably he could be the one to keep her in this euphoric state that so many  mortals seemed to take delight in. Perhaps she could sample this erogenous  sensation  without further waning of her powers? She had let him lead her in this histrionic dance of emotion, and now it was she that had become spellbound.

He was charming toward her to say the least. He made sagacious statements that made her involuntarily laugh out loud! What a strange affliction this was for her, to be at the receiving end of this designed beguilement.

The inevitable midnight hour descended upon this celebration of lovers Known as Valentine‘s Day. Flickers from the bonfires had lessoned to warm embers among the ashes. Each man took their billets-doux to their chosen maiden. Fits of giggles could be heard from the girls as they were scooped up into the arms of their men and carried away with promises of forever whispered in their ears.

Malachite wanted this too. So when this young handsome man proposed his direction, she held out her hand in acceptance.

He lit  red candles all around his dwelling to accentuate the softness of the moment to be cherished. He took her in his grasp, and leant forward, asking for her lips. She hesitated, but he held out with his request, so that even she couldn’t deny him. Their lips met gently. But in an instant they were locked in an inflamed embrace. His hands explored her body, almost inhaling her being, while still engulfing her inviting mouth with his probing tongue.

He searched for her awaiting truth. He lay down expectantly on the same straw cot she remembered from not so long ago. He gestured that she undress in front of him...slowly. She willingly consented to his desire. She gazed at him intently, wanting to please him. For if he was the same as before he would make sure she went to heaven, and for sure she wanted to go to that celestial place again!